Students have access to numerous sources of English language materials in the libraries and reading rooms of the Jagiellonian University. The Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities has its own library situated on the second floor at ul. Grodzka 64. It is in this library that students of the Study Abroad Programme will find their required and supplemental readings for their courses. Thus course materials do not need to be purchased. All course materials are deposited in our own library. There are also quiet study stations in the CASH library for students who wish to use the library's resources on-site. Students of the Centre have full borrowing privileges for all books in the CASH library.

Each academic unit of the Jagiellonian University usually has its own library or reading room. As full-time students of the Jagiellonian University, students participating in the Study Abroad Programme have the the opportunity to use the resources at the various libraries or reading rooms. Please note that borrowing privileges of books from these libraries or reading rooms may be restricted to students of the particular academic unit. However, it is common practice that all students, regardless from which unit of the university, may use the books on the premises.

The main Jagiellonian University library is located at al. Mickiewicza 22. Please note, however, that the main entrance to the building is actually around back, approached from ul. Oleandry. This library accommodates around 3.8 million publications. All students of the Jagiellonian University must have a library card in order to access and utilize the main library's resources. The Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities will help students of the Study Abroad Programme acquire library cards for the main library.

Another excellent source for English language academic materials that many students find advantageous is Massolit Books and Café, ul. Felicjanek 4. Massolit contains a great selection of English language books in the fields of Polish literature and history, Jewish studies, and many other books from other branches of the humanities.

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