Health & Insurance

It is highly recommended that international students travelling to Poland in order to study for one semester or longer should consider strongly obtaining each of the following: a health insurance plan from your home country that includes and pays for the costs of repatriation to your home country, should an extended hospital stay be required; local Polish medical insurance, either from the public or private sector (both offer convenient and affordable student health insurance schemes); Jagiellonian University Accident and Life Insurance.

Usually your home university will require you to purchase a general health coverage plan from your home country before you depart for Poland. This is also highly encouraged and recommended by the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. In the case of a long-term hospital stay, many people prefer to be close to their family. Thus a health insurance plan that allows and covers the costs of repatriation (cost of transporting a student to the United States) is a recommended safety feature for your medical coverage in Poland.

As a foreign student studying at a Polish university, you will have the right to purchase local Polish health insurance. This can be obtained from either the public or private medical insurance sectors. Both provide timely and effective access to health care services. Such services included in both forms of insurance are: primary health care (visiting a doctor), specialist out-patient care, hospital treatment, dental treatment, rescue services and medical transport. The staff at the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities can help you to purchase this kind of health insurance.

All students of the Jagiellonian University have the right to purchase from the University accident and life insurance. This insurance can be bought for zl. 40 (about US $12) in the University's main administration building, Collegium Novum. You can buy this insurance in the office of the Bursary, in room 47 (top floor), or in the Student Government's office (4 Czapskich Street, room 23). This insurance is valid for one academic year (from 1 October - 30 September), regardless of the day of purchase, and is valid outside of Poland as well. 

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