Leonard Neuger

(b. 1947 in Krakow), literary scholar and translator. In 1965-71 he studied Polish literature at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In 1978 he obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, and in 1993 he earned his habilitation at the Stockholm University, Sweden. A faculty member at the Institute of Polish Literature and Culture at the University of Silesia (1974-82), later a faculty member (docent, 1993) at the Slavonic Institute at the Stockholm University. Since 1995 he has been a professor of Polish language and literature and since 2003 he has held the chair of the Slavonic Institute at the Stockholm University.

In March 1968 he was arrested and imprisoned for 5 months for at attempt to establish a student organization. A co-founder of the "Solidarity" at the University of Silesia. In December 1981 he was interned and incarcerated until June 1982. Since 1983 he has been living in Sweden.

Leonard Neuger is the author of over 200 essays on contemporary Polish literature and translation theory. He is also a contributor to immigrant magazines and a correspondent for the Swedish Radio and the BBC.

He translated the following texts into Polish: Dziki rynek: Żywym i umarłym by T. Tranströmer (1989); Fredmanowe Posłania i Pieśni by C.M. Bellman (1991);Elegie by E.J. Stagnelius (1991); Moja przedmowa do ciszy by T. Tranströmer (1992); Imieniny Salomona by R. Tornborg (1993); Muzeum motyli by T. Tranströmer (1994); Poezje wybrane by H. Martinson (1995); Gondola żałobna by T. Tranströmer (1996); 4 monodramy. Sala P by K. Frostenson (1999), Ogród by M. Florin (1999). He wrote  Dosyć żartów [Enough of Jokes] (1993), Pomysły do interpretacji. Studia i szkice o literaturze polskiej [Ideas for Interpretation. Studies and Sketches on Polish Literature] (1997) as well as Z perspektywy tłumacza. Szkice o literaturze szwedzkiej [From the Translator's Perspective. Sketches on Swedish literature](1996), Ćwiczenia z wrażliwości. Duże i małe szkice literackie [Exercises in Sensivity. Big and Small Literary Sketches] (2006).  His works have been published in such journals as "Dekada Literacka", "Teksty Drugie", "Zeszyty Literackie", "Signum" and "Lyrikvännen".