Incommensurability. Perspectives on Modern Comparative Literature

Niewspółmierność. Perspektywy nowoczesnej komparatystyki [Incommensurability. Perspectives on Modern Comparative Literature]. Kraków: Jagiellonian University Press, 2010, anthology, pp 640.

The anthology is the first author-selected collection of articles devoted to the development of comparative literary research from the 1990s to the present to be published in Poland. The selected texts are published in Polish for the first time or appear in a new Polish translation. They represent diverse ways of thinking about the tradition, present shape, and future of comparative studies.

The volume begins with a selection of essays devoted to comparative theory and the philosophical contexts of this genre. The next parts of the anthology present the panorama of the most recent comparative reflection within the context of the history and institutional tradition of the discipline. This part includes the translations of the two most important American reports of the past decades prepared by groups of scholars led by Charles Bernheimer in 1993 and Haun Saussy in 2006. The remaining chapters situate comparative literary studies within the challenges of the era of globalization, demonstrating their relationship with feminist criticism, postcolonial studies, and the most recent translation studies.

The texts included in this anthology are preceded by lengthy forewords, each of which is commented within the context of the most important changes in comparative studies of the past sixty years.


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