The programme is addressed to the candidates with a fluent command of English and interested in Polish history, language and culture, especially foreigners from the USA and Western Europe who take up Slavonic, Eastern European or Jewish studies.


The Interdisciplinary MA Programme in Polish Studies, Jewish Studies, and History, a two-year full-time interdisciplinary MA study programme in English, the first of the kind at the Jagiellonian University which responds to the need of a comprehensive education in the field of Polish history and culture and Jewish culture. Thanks to the cooperation between the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, the Institute of History, and the Institute of Jewish Studies a unique programme of studies has been developed which, due to the combination of research methods of various disciplines and schools of criticism, gives its graduates a possibility of gaining a multidimensional insight into issues of key importance for the knowledge of literature and history. The interdisciplinary and international academic and educational environment as well as the unique artistic and intellectual climate of Cracow are conducive to in-depth studies of culture and traditions of Central Europe.

The objectives of the Programme

The graduates of the interdisciplinary graduate studies receive general education in the humanities and a comprehensive knowledge in the field of Polish history and culture from the most ancient times to the present day, with a detailed coverage of the problems connected with the changes concerning the history, language, literature, theatre as well as Jewish traditions developed in the territory of Poland. The acquired knowledge allows the graduate to understand and interpret historical and cultural processes taking place in Poland, and in a particularly in-depth scope grasp the phenomena belonging to one of the four specialties: in history, comparative literature, theatre studies, and Jewish studies. After obtaining the diploma the graduates will be prepared to take up work in the archives, libraries, schools and universities, research institutes, publishing houses, and especially those connected with the given specialty.

The graduate studies will allow the students to undertake individual research problems under the supervision of a suitable tutor and continue with their post-graduate studies in the future.

The education obtained by the graduates will make it possible for them to conduct activities which popularise the knowledge of Polish history, language and culture as well as Jewish tradition, especially in the English-speaking circles.


An Interdisciplinary MA Programme in Polish Studies, Jewish Studies, and History is a full-time graduate interdisciplinary study in the fields of:

  • Polish Studies (specialization: comparative literature),
  • theatre studies,
  • history (specializations: history and Jewish studies).

The studies last four semesters (with a possibility of defending MA thesis after the third semester). During the studies the participants of the programme should complete 810 contact hours and obtain 120 credit points in the ECTS system.

The date of the commencement of the course: October 2018.

Contact information:
Michał Zając, MA: