Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities,

Courses in Foreign Languages, Fall and Spring 2022/2023:




1. Instructor: dr Alicja Fidowicz

Between Intimacy and Politics: New Comparative readings in Polish Literature and Culture

(30 hours)


2. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Magdalena Heydel / dr Zofia Ziemann

Introduction to Translation Studies

(30 hours)


3. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Waldemar Martyniuk

Language Learning Strategies

(30 hours)


4. Instructor: dr hab. Łukasz Tischner, prof. UJ

Miłosz and Gombrowicz. The Dialectic of Belief and Unbelief

(30 hours)


5. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Wojciech Baluch

Contemporary Polish Dramaturgy in the Light of New Humanities

(30 hours)


6. Instructor: prof. dr hab. Dariusz Kosiński

Jerzy Grotowski. From Theatre to Performer

(30 hours)


7. Instructor: mgr Francesco Costantini

Postcolonial Europe: A Polish-Irish Comparison

(30 hours)




1. Instructor: dr Mateusz Chaberski

Performative Arts: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

(30 hours)


2. Instructor: dr Alicja Fidowicz

Bio/medical Humanities: New Perspectives in Comparative Studies

(30 hours)


3. Instructor: mgr Dominika Ciesielska

Fan Fiction, Affect, and Digital Humanities

(30 hours)


4. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Piotr Oczko

A Survey of the Polish Art History (From Romanesque Art to Art Nouveau)

(45 hours)


5. Instructor: dr hab. Grażyna Urban-Godziek

Cultural History of Love Discourse

(30 hours)


6. Instructor: dr hab. Ewa Bal, prof. UJ

Cultural Performances of the 21st Century

(30 hours)


7. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Roma Sendyka

East of the Camp: Holocaust Topographies of Poland

(30 hours)


8. Instructor: prof. UJ dr hab. Artur Grabowski

Thinking by Verses. The 20th Century Polish Poetry in a Philosophical Context

(30 hours)


9. Instructor:  dr hab. Mateusz Borowski, prof. UJ, mgr Arkadiusz Półtorak

Speculative Fabulations in 21st Century Performative Arts

(30 hours)


10. Instructors: dr Olga Schmidt, dr Katarzyna Trzeciak

Introduction to American and British Literary Criticism

(30 hours)


11. Instructor: dr Magdalena Komorowska

The History of the Printed Book

(30 hours)


12. Instructor: mgr Francesco Costantini

Inventing the Nation. Polish & Irish Literary Strategies of Identity Formation at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

(30 hours)


  Study Abroad 


Comparative Heritage Studies, MA


   Interdisciplinary MA


       Cultural Studies
     in Literary Interzones