Tuition fee in 2021/2022 is 3500 EURO per semester.


Application fee

Amount of application fee
85,00 PLN / 20,00 EUR / 22,00 USD
Candidates choose currenty upon registration. Once the currency is chosen, it cannot be changed.

After the registration is completed, a unique bank account number is generated. This account may only be used for the application fee payment for this registration. It should not be used for any other payments (e.g. tuition fees, student ID card fee). The bank account number is available after login in the registration card.

The fastest payment method is online payment Paybynet, available for payments made in Polish złoty (85 PLN): check supported Polish banks » (in Polish only). Please consider paying the fee by online bank transfers or directly at PEKAO S.A. Bank, which are booked much faster than other payment methods.

All bank charges are covered by the candidate, including charges associated with returns or transferring funds between accounts.

For international transfers, the following SWIFT code should be inserted before the bank account number: PKOPPLPW.