Applications for doctoral studies offered in the English language shall be accepted from candidates who:

·      posses a degree equivalent to Polish master degree obtained in Poland or abroad, compliant with provisions provided by § 5 of the Directive of the Minister of Science and Higher Education issued on October 12, 2006 regarding enrollment in studies and training programmes undertaken by foreigners, and their participation in research and academic projects (Dz.U. Nr 190 poz. 1406).

·      posses a document certifying command of the language of instruction of the doctoral programme according to § 2 section 3 of the above mentioned directive.

·      have obtained permission from the Coordinator of the doctoral programme and an authorized tutor to be supervised during the course of doctoral studies.

Diamentowy Grant grantees who are not holders of the Magister title are also eligible to apply for the programme, provided they are students in or graduated from one of the fields specified above.

English is the language of instruction of the whole study programme.

Qualification rules

Ranking lists will be prepared on the basis of the following criteria, translated into a specific number of points:

  • outline of a research project; character of the proposed doctoral thesis and its possible practical application is evaluated during the admission process, graded on 0–100 scale and weighted at 50%;
  • an interdisciplinary essay that reviews a literary text within a broad philosophical and cultural context, graded on 0–100 scale and weighted at 30%;
  • the course of studies leading to the conferral of Magister (Master) degree (with special emphasis on academic achievements, publications) graded on 0–100 scale and weighted at 20%.


  • Admission procedure information


  • After receiving documents submitted by the candidate, Faculty Admission Board reviews the essays and meets to evaluate other submitted document as stated above.


Final result calculation

The final qualification result is a number from 0 to 100, accurate to the second decimal place, reflected by the sum total of points earned in all parts of admission procedure.