All applicants to the Study Abroad Programme must provide all of the following documentation:

1.     A completed application form

2.    Written confirmation of approval of study at the Jagiellonian University from the applicant's academic and/or study abroad advisor.

3.     A transcript of academic achievement

4.     A curriculum vitae

5.    Proof of English proficiency (for non-native speakers only)

All application documents and materials must be sent to the CASH no later (as postmarked) than:

31 August 2023 for Fall Semester 2023 (September - December) or Full Academic Year of 2023/2024 (September - June)
31 January 2024 for Spring Semester 2024 (February - June)

Please post applications to the following address:

Centrum Studiów Humanistycznych
Wydział Polonistyki, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University
ul. Grodzka 64, Room 209
31-044 Kraków

As soon as the application is received, an initial email is sent to the student confirming receipt of the application. The application is then considered for acceptance. A letter of acceptance or rejection is sent to the applicant and the study abroad office of the applicant's home university no later than two weeks after the application deadline.

All successful applicants must send to the CASH, upon receipt of the letter of acceptance, 2 passport-sized photographs. 


  Study Abroad 


 Comparative Heritage Studies, MA


   Interdisciplinary MA


       Cultural Studies
     in Literary Interzones