Administration & Facilities

The Centre for Advanced Studies in the Humanities takes its residence in the the building of the former Royal Arsenal, immediately across from Wawel castle, located at ul. Grodzka 64. The CASH occupies the third floor of what is today a modernist building that still possesses its baroque portals. It is in this building that the Department's adminstration office, seminar rooms, and library (all on the second floor) are found.

The administration office is situated in room 209. Seminar rooms are stationed in rooms 207 and 208. The library is situated at the end of the hall on the second floor.

Ul. Grodzka 64 is a five minute walk south from the Main Market Square and a 5 minute walk away from Kazimierz.

The main administration offices of the Faculty of Polish Studies are located at ul. Gołębia 18. The Bydgoska student hall of residence is located at ul. Bydgoska 19. It takes approximately 15 minutes travelling time by tram to reach the tram stop, named 'Wawel,' located outside of the building at ul. Grodzka 64. You can take tram no. 8 direct from tram stop 'Biprostal,' which is the closest tram stop to Bydgoska.

It takes about 10 minutes travelling time by tram from Bydgoska to reach the heart of the city, the Main Market Square. You can take any tram from tram stop 'Biprostal' to reach the center. Get off at 'Teatr Bagatela.'

The main Jagiellonian University library is located at ul. Mickiewicza 22. The most direct route from the CASH's building is to take tram no. 8 and 20 to stop 'Oleandry,' then walk two blocks north, along ul. Oleandry, and you will arrive at the main entrance to the library. This trip will take roughly 15 minutes.

From Bydgoska, bus no. 173 will take you straight, in about 10 mintues, to the main university library. 


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